Sticky Action Buttons – Call, Chat, Navigate and more

Sticky Action Buttons Allow visitors of your website to contact you quickly and easily using a variety of floating contact buttons such as: dial buttons, WhatsApp, social networks, navigation and more.
With Sticky Action Buttons, you can create a variety of different action buttons for desktop and mobile displays in less than one minute. This simple and lightweight plugin allows you to create a boost of contacts from your website and improve the amount of interactions with the visitors.

  • Get more calls and leads from your website
  • Increase the amount of interactions and conversions on your website
  • Allow your customers to contact you in their favorite way
  • Add an unlimited number of buttons and choose which device they will appear
  • Design your buttons as you wish with over 100 different design options
  • Select the position of your buttons
  • No need for writing code

List of buttons and actions

  • WhatsApp – Allows you to open a chat window for a direct conversation.
  • Dial button
  • Email sending button
  • URL as an external or internal link
  • Scroll to top button
  • Copy URL button

Many design options

  • Select the background, text and icon color of each button
  • Add a gradient effect to your buttons
  • Select size, border, border radius and shadow properties for your buttons
  • Can be trigger by click or by mouse hover
  • Select an entrance animation
  • Control the position of the buttons and the distance from the screen edges
  • Full FontAwesome 5 support – over 1500 icons available
  • Choose from different button styles: icon only, icon with text or tooltip

Behavior in desktop and mobile

One of the great advantages of the Sticky Action Buttons plugin is that you can select separate buttons for each display (mobile / desktop) and design them individually and all this in order to achieve your goals

  • Select the desktop and mobile buttons visibility
  • Design your mobile and desktop buttons differently
  • Hide buttons on certain pages
  • Set the display tablets – as mobile or as desktop

Full support for RTL languages

The plugin fully supports languages where the reading direction is right-to-left (Arabic, Hebrew and Persian).


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