Loco Translate: easy translate your plugins and themes

I must admit that plug-in I found quite by accident when we encounter difficulty translating elements of language patterns and plugins.

By now I was updating the language files using software that enables poedit download the language files of the site, make a copy for your language, translated and then upload the file back to the site (it sounds familiar?).

Loco Translate

When the user browse the site and make contact with us via the form, we get the e-mail message directly to where it is saved with the other posts that are in your e-mail account.

what Loco Translate know to do?

Loco Translate plug-in allows to Translate any   plugins and themes directly in your browser, you can translate all of the titles and descriptions that come with English subtitles by default themes and elements WordPress


Loco Translate Translating strings in the browser with the Loco PO Editor

Loco Translate Listing of all available translation files installed


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