Keep a list of your referrals website

The world’s most WordPress users with the Plug-in “Contact Form 7” Their contact form on the website. Contact Form 7  is definitely powerful forms generator that allows you to build a contact form with fields you select (name, company, e-mail, mobile message content, adding a file, the question of verification to prevent spam and more.)

Contact Form DB

When the user browse the site and make contact with us via the form, we get the e-mail message directly to where it is saved with the other posts that are in your e-mail account.

How do we keep measuring the number of calls that were sent to us by using the form on the website?

Sometimes we want to measure accurately which form on the website yielded the most referrals, the best way to keep all references to the site is via Contact Form DB Plug-in. Once you have your WordPress Contact Form DB Plug-in will begin to save you from that moment on all referrals that are sent to you.

Other benefits:

For those who sometimes run out of storage space e-mail inbox and messages fail to reach it – Contact Form DB saves all messages sent to your WordPress system simple and accessible view
Lists can be exported Excel files
it’s free

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