contact form 7 for arabic

Plugin Contact Form 7 is currently in development Plugin the most popular sites on the community and for the purposes stated forms of communication. It is completely free and fully supports the Arab, and easy to use.


Contact 7 simple and flexible model, and supports Arabic.

The main purpose of the Contact Form 7 is to create contact forms, is actually flexible and allows you to create many types of fields and security options

Getting Started with Contact Form 7

After the installation, we have added a new button to the Board of Directors responded to the “Contact Us” to start, would have to go through it with the mouse and choose “Add New”. And system configuration of the standard model, and therefore, of course, be necessary for you to build fields

Combining form on its website:

To incorporate the establishment of the new model of the site, you will have to copy the code of the form which will appear at the top after the adoption of the model. Icon on the edit form at the top of the list of models show there is no need to enter the forms themselves in order to learn code

In short:
Contact Form 7 is an excellent assistant to create contact forms and forms a bit more complicated. Is a free, fully supports the Arabic language, and highly recommended

Plugin can be downloaded from the official website here.